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So my skin has been not so great lately. Finally I got around to seeing my doctor about it and got a few things prescribed to help, mainly some antibiotics.

I was looking at buying a Clarisonic for a while but I knew I didn't want to spend the extra on getting the Plus/Pro models. The Mia which is the smaller version with just one speed setting fits my needs perfectly. Unfortunately Clarisonic do not currently sell the Mia in the UK through either their own website or other retailers here however I thought I would check on eBay a couple of days ago at the possibility of importing one from the US. Luckily someone located in the UK has recently started selling them so I knew I would have to get one straight away. The price is quite reasonable. It’s about £105 + £6.50 shipping if my memory is right. As far as I know from YouTube, the Mia is currently sold for $145 in the US which works out about £92. To use it in the UK you will need to buy an adapter however these are quite easily available. I bought mine from the Post Office for about £3.49. The great thing about it is Clarisonic deliberately designed the Mia to be used internationally so the voltage is already compatible with the UK's system. No need for a clunky, cumbersome converter!

Best of all I was able to get it in pink!

So far I've been able to use it once (you have to charge it for 24 hours the first time) and I really like it. My skin really does feel cleaner after wards compared to just using my hands. I’d describe it as being close to the feeling you get after exfoliating with a face scrub – only better and without the little bits to deal with. Another thing I was worried about is I have sensitive skin but this did not irritate it at all. Off topic, interestingly enough the new face wash I was prescribed - Panoxyl 10 with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide - actually reduces the redness I so often suffer with. It's pretty unbelievable considering my past experience with products containing Benzoyl Peroxide. Usually it burns my skin and makes it flake fiercely, one of the more common side effects. Something’s telling me it’ll probably start “working” after so many uses and THEN I’ll really start to flake. I can only hope this isn’t the case. Foundation + flaky skin = bad bad match.

I went shopping yesterday (I know - bad Amy). I bought a few things to cheer myself up. Retail therapy always works.
Benefit CORALista Blush Coral blush for a tropical flush
NARS Makeup Primer Preps skin with soothing botanicals to pamper the skin and create a protective base for longer-lasting, natural looking foundation application and wear.
Both pricy but should last a while. ;)