January 9th, 2011


Oh boy, a make-up ban

After realising the past 3 months or so I've been spending a ridiculous amount on MAC (although most of the cost came down to brushes, that cushions the blow a bit considering I count those as investments!) I know I need to start cutting back at least while my poor bank balance recovers, haha. That doesn't mean I can't start thinking of the items I want next...

Dark Diversion Fluidline Blackened plum (L/E)
There's a good chance I don't really NEED this, I already own Dipdown Fluidline and that hasn't had much use yet... Since it's limited edition there's a good chance it could sell out before I get around to buying it, we'll see.

Print Eyeshadow Muted grey flecked with shimmer (Satin) (Perm)
I don't own a grey eyeshadow from MAC and this seems like a popular choice.
Patina Eyeshadow Muted taupe brown with golden shimmer (Frost) (Perm)
I love my browns and this seems lovely for an all over wash of colour on the lid.
Sketch Eyeshadow Intense burgundy-plum flecked with red shimmer (Velvet) (Perm)
I don't own anything like this and it looks awesome from swatches as a crease colour. Another most people seem to rave about.

Well Dressed Blush Pink lady pink (Satin) (Perm)
Looks like a good everyday blush for my fair skin
Trace Gold Blush Fairylight gold with shimmer (Sheertone Shimmer) (Perm)
This should suit by skin tone especially when summer comes around. Considering it's still January though I'm not about to rush out and purchase it just yet!
I might have to just break by ban for the Peacocky collection as there's a couple of eyeshadows I really want (Dalliance & Odalisque, maybe Centre Stage too) and they're bound to sell out before February. NARS has a spring collection coming up too, oh dear.

I just finished painting my nails with Glitzerland by OPI which I mentioned in my last entry and I really love it. It's the perfect gold for my skin tone and subtle enough to wear every day. Plus NO brush strokes whatsoever. ♥
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